“Downlinks on Demand” has made aggregation of client content more accessible than ever.


Since its launch in 2012, the service has been providing clients unlimited downlinks from a wide assortment of fixed satellite dishes at Pacific Television Center (PacTV) Los Angeles for a flat monthly cost.   Thus, converting a daunting variable cost into a very manageable fixed cost.  Clients can access their customer controlled ports via a GUI on a dedicated website utilizing their secure login details.

Downlinks on Demand integrates client router systems with PacTV’s,  allowing customers to select which satellite they want and automatically log the switches into their equipment.  The RF router is managed by CompuSat Satellite Control and Automation Systems by Image Communications.  PacTV has engaged the company to customize its software so that it will allow PacTV’s control system to work with its Evertz Demodulators.

By using the SCP public domain interface, any control system worldwide can interface with the CompuSat system seamlessly.  In addition to the flexibility of  the service, full time Downlinks on Demand clients also receive special ad hoc pricing for steerable downlinks at PacTV Los Angeles.   The Downlinks on Demand product offering will be expanding to the United Kingdom in late 2015..